‘Bell Basics’ starts in June

Sessions run for five Saturdays in June

If you have always wanted to learn to ring, or just want to brush up on your techniques, five “Bell Basics” sessions will begin on Saturday, June 1. The sessions will be from 9 to 11 a.m. every Saturday in June at Avenue United Methodist Church, 20 N. Church St., in Milford.

The only prerequisite is the ability to read music. The sessions are taught by Judy Moore, a former church and choral music director and long-time devotee of handbells.

Cost will be $10 per session, cash or check, or $40 for all five sessions. If you have questions or would like to register, contact Judy Peterson, Membership Support Team Leader, at Judy.Peterson@capitalringers.net.

“Ringing handbells allows one to be part of a group focused on sharing a unique musical sound,” Judy Peterson said. “There’s a sense of accomplishment when the sounds of the individual bells blend into beautiful music.”

Each session will concentrate on six areas of handbell basics:

    • Duration and Motion
    • Essence of Legato
    • Score Reading
    • Techniques Galore
    • Mallets
    • Why, When, How or Not to LV (Let Vibrate)

Click to view the flyer. 

There are 4 comments on ‘Bell Basics’ starts in June

  • Martha Sippel on

    I’m intrigued by this offering, but it’s too far for me to come.
    Is there any possibility that the sessions could be recorded, and then offered (for a fee) for online access?

    I figure it can’t hurt to ask. Maybe it will nudge someone to think about if/how it could be done.

    Thanks very much!

  • Hi there: I am very interested in this program. However, I live in Bethany, and this is quite a drive for me, especially as the summer approaches. I am definitely considering it.

  • Thanks for you interest. We do not have any plans to record the sessions. this time around. Part of the enjoyment is learning together, asking questions, and getting the hang of it together!

  • We are now headquartered in Milford and all our rehearsals are there. You may want to sign up for a particular session and give it a try.

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