Summer show now in post-production

Our inspirational virtual show is now recorded, and we’re on to post-production for “Rise Up! Reflect, Ring, Renew.” It will be available on June 20, just in time for the Fourth of July.

“Rise Up! Reflect, Ring, Renew” is a virtual show of six uplifting selections carefully chosen by the Capital Ringers’ founder and artistic director, Linda Simms.

“The ringers are very excited about the selections,” Linda says. “They proudly believe they reflect the resolve and resilience of our community throughout the pandemic and a turbulent last 14 months.”

    • The All-American Hometown Band
    • America the Beautiful
    • Go the Distance (from Disney’s “Hercules”
    • What a Wonderful World
    • You’ll Never Walk Alone
    • You Raise Me Up

“Rise Up!” will be available to individuals as well as businesses, organizations, churches, communities and nonprofits as an inspirational tribute and/or thank you.

For more information and to purchase a virtual ticket, go to our Rise Up! page.

Watch our short promotional video!

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