We need a little Christmas music!

Churches, senior centers, towns and others who are facing a scarcity of live Christmas music are signing up for the Capital Ringers’ virtual concert.

One of many socially distant rehearsals that began in July.

“Music ministers, activity directors and others who provide Christmas music for worship and entertainment are seriously challenged by the COVID pandemic,” said Linda Simms, Capital Ringers founder and artistic director. “Also, people who are already feeling isolated definitely need a little Christmas, and our show will bring them holiday cheer.”

Some churches plan to use individual pieces for virtual worship during Advent and the Christmas season. One church member purchased the concert for her congregation in the Pike Creek area.

The Town of Ocean View will project the Capital Ringers’ concert on a huge inflatable screen during shopping season. On Kent Island, it will be shown in senior centers.

Churches, organizations that serve shut-ins, nonprofits and businesses can purchase a “branded” version of our Christmas concert – featuring a personalized message and logo and permitting up to 2,000 views. An “unbranded” version lists sponsors at the end of the concert and permits up to 1,000 views.

You can view the 10 song selections here.

We invite you to watch this mini-presentation to learn more about our Christmas show and sign up:

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