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Bay to Bay Ringers open to all who want to ring

Members of the Bay2Bay Ringers

If you would like to try handbells but don’t yet have the experience and skill level of the Capital Ringers, Bay to Bay Ringers welcomes you.

The beginner-intermediate group of ringers is oriented toward techniques and skills more than performance, says Director Judy Moore. While it always helps to have some musical training, it’s not required.

“As a director, I really like the challenge of the different levels of ability,” she said. “It’s just such a joy to come together on a piece that we have been working very hard on.”

Judy has a master’s degree in conducting, has taught in schools and churches, and played and directed handbells for 40 years. “‘I love to see the lightbulbs turn on! It happens when someone accomplishes a new task, or discovers a challenge on the music score, or something just sounds great and everyone gives a huge smile!”

The Bay to Bay Ringers are practicing from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturdays at Conley’s United Methodist Church, 33106 Jolyns Way, off Delaware 24 west of Lewes.

Mimi Dupont is a Bay to Bay member with limited musical training.

“I am simply transported by the sound of bells. As a kid, I sought out my aunt’s music boxes every chance I got,” she recalled. “Maybe five years ago I started playing handbells and handchimes at my church. Then I heard a Capital Ringers concert. Wow! I was blown away at the level of expertise, at the professionalism and the musicality, at the way I felt as I listened, at the joy I felt!

“It’s so much fun! I recommend Bay 2 Bay to anyone interested in learning to play handbells — as long as you’re willing to do your homework!”

Anyone interested in knowing more about Bay to Bay Ringers can contact Judy at

Bay2Bay Ringers perform at the Italian-American Heritage Club.

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