Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Capital Ringers now rehearsing for holiday show

You can still enjoy The Capital Ringers’ holiday show!

The show will go on, with several ways to enjoy our Christmas offerings. We are offering a two-songs-a-week subscription. Or, as an individual, you will be able to view a full concert of 10 songs, complete with those informative song introductions.

If you are a church seeking “live” Christmas music or a senior center or health-care facility that may not be able to admit visiting musicians, we can make the full concert available to you. There is even a branded version: As a business or other large employer, you can gift a version that includes your sponsorship and logo to your employees and customers.

View the song selections.

Please explore more about each option below.

We have been rehearsing safely since July.

Two videos a week

You will be emailed two video links a week, beginning November 21. They will be uploaded to our Vimeo channel. There are 10 songs in our Christmas program.

There is no charge, but you will have the opportunity to make a donation after you sign up.

Individual – full concert

By December 6, you will be emailed a link to our full Christmas show, 10 songs with informative song introductions. We will include a “bonus” video featuring the preparation for and production of our show, as well as interviews with the arrangers of some of our pieces.

Cost is $25. You can pay via PayPal or check.

Churches, health care facilities, nonprofits

You will receive a full high-definition concert of 10 songs, with bonus video, that you can show to your congregation, residents or others who may not otherwise have the opportunity to hear “live” Christmas music this year. Ideal for senior centers and assisted-living facilities.

Please watch the short presentation below for more information. Contact information is at the end.

Comfort and Joy - Capital Ringers 2020

Businesses, larger employers

You can gift a full concert and bonus video, in high definition on Vimeo, to your employees and customers. You can opt to individually brand the video, and we will feature your sponsorship and logo at the beginning of the concert. Or you can receive an unbranded video, with all sponsors included at the end of the concert.

Please watch the short presentation below for more information.

Comfort and Joy - Corporate

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