CRI organizational changes

In 2020, the Capital Ringers Inc. Board of Directors took advantage of the COVID-19 shutdown to focus on organizational change. The group had worked with DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, to review its mission, vision, goals and organizational structure.

That two-day retreat in January and February resulted in a set of priorities, the most critical of which were addressed by a Board of Directors charge and the appointment of a Task Force on Organizational Restructuring.

Meeting virtually almost daily via Zoom, the 10-member task force logged approximately 1,065 hours. The result was a revised Board of Directors structure, a recommendation for an advisory council, a reorganized committee structure, and a totally revamped set of organizational bylaws.

The bylaws and new board were approved by the Capital Ringers Inc. membership on June 28, 2020, and are now in effect.

The following document highlights the Task Force’s efforts and the changes that were adopted by the membership. It contains links to several documents, which are included at right.

To download this document click here.

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