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Welcome to the Christian Community Presbyterian Church's 2020 Fall Virtual Concert Series. We are pleased to bring you this Christmas production by the Capital Ringers, a community handbell ensemble based in Lewes, Delaware.

The password to watch the show is 7464.

Tips for watching the show and projecting it to a smart TV are included at right. Now enjoy the show!

Because of the licenses we hold for music and artwork used in our concert we kindly ask that all customers observe the following:

What you can do to distribute your link:  email it to your members, show our videos to your members at your gatherings or online streaming presentations, place it on websites/Facebook pages that are restricted to members, print the link in bulletins or other documents given to members

What we request you do not do:  place the link on any social media page which is not restricted to members or place the link on any webpage which is not restricted to members

We appreciate your help in allowing us to offer this music to you without violating our licenses.  Thank you!

Tips for viewing the video

The Capital Ringers sincerely appreciate the support of Christian Community Presbyterian Church and its members.

Bonus features

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